Monday, February 10, 2014

5 reasons your job is making you FAT.

There are many reasons why we struggle to meet our health and wellness goals, but after working in the corporate fitness field, I am determined that our jobs are one of the biggest reasons for weight gain, illness, and chronic diseases. Many of us spend 40 hours or more a week at our jobs and it's bad enough that we spend most of that time sitting behind a desk, but there are other work-related factors that also play a role in our expanding waistlines.  Check out the 5 reasons your job is making you fat.

1.  Working too many hours is literally killing you by killing the time you could be putting in at the gym.  Make sure to limit the amount of time at your job to no more than 50 hours/week.  Overworking often leads to fatigue, depression, poor sleep habits, eye strain, and stress.  Start backing off on hours slowly by saying no when you have too much on your plate, scheduling needed days off, and working in your exercise, sleep, and time with family and friends.
2.  We spend most of our hours at work sitting behind a desk - getting up for lunch or to use the restroom isn't cutting it anymore.  Get up often to walk around the office or stretch.  Schedule a walking meeting, walk to a co-worker's desk instead of calling or emailing, always take the stairs (use the restroom on the next floor up), try to get a quick workout in at lunch or on a break (could be as simple as a mini circuit or brisk walk).
3.  When work stress starts eating at us, we start eating - emotional stress is one of the biggest reasons for comfort food.  If you are feeling stressed and overworked; you are not alone.  Learn how to say "no" if you have too much on your plate already.  Also, find other activities and hobbies to release your tension after work.
4.  Your post work activity is almost always sedentary - I get it... after a long day at work, a happy hour beverage and the couch all call your name but here is your time to resist.  This is the time to find something active to do.  It will boost your energy, self-esteem, and maybe even your social life.  Find a gym partner or try a group exercise class.  Up your chances of being successful by bringing your gym bag to work and heading straight there.
5.  You eat out all the time for lunch and the candy jar is your go to pick me up -  This one can help to save your wallet too.  Pack a lunch everyday so you can control your choices.  Even the healthiest joint on the block knows how to pack in sodium, fat, and sugar to make your food taste great!  Keep it simple by using leftover meals and packing your bag the night before.  And always be prepared with a healthy snack such as nuts, fruit, or yogurt.  This will help you resist the urge to snack from the vending machine or grab from the candy jar.  Most importantly, don't skip your meals... eat at a regular time every day!
    Stay tuned... Learn about more tricks and tips to help you lose weight at work.

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